Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be

Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be [info. below]

Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be [info. below]
Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be
Curated by Raul Zamudio
The Artist Network, NY, NY
April 28- May 28, 2006

Katja Loher: Wherever You May Be, consists of two site-specific video installations and photographs. Both installations and photographs revolve around the theme of longing and belonging and this nomadic impulse reflects the peripatetic nature of Loher’s artistic trajectory: an aesthetic that is global in scope, but local in regards to where her art is made underscored with works in the exhibition conceived and created during her residency at The Artist Network. One installation utilizes the architecture and design of the Artist Network exhibition space and transforms it into a gesamkunstwerk type­ minimalist house, replete with door, mail box and windows. The three windows are video works akin to a trilogy and serve as conceptual vistas into the artist’s poetic exploration of New York and other locales that are not so easily distinguished such as a forest and an underwater mise-en-scene. In one “video window” a woman descends, as if from another dimension, to earth in a bubble onto the gritty, industrial areas of Williamsburg and subsequently meanders through a visually rich tableau: a diner, a deserted street as well as other familiar and otherworldly backdrops that culminates in the video’s coda with her bathing on a beach. Water, which features prominently in Loher’s work, is the link to the other videos and is used metaphorically for its myriad associations: as cleanser and purifier, in its ability to circumvent solidity, as catalyst intrinsic to life. The other video installation is formally and conceptually inked to this wok by way of the house’s door and its peephole: as one looks into the aperture the viewer’s eye is captured live on camera and projected in an adjacent exhibition space onto a globe suspending from the ceiling that resembles an eye. The image on the eye is a confluence of recorded footage as well as the live feed. Video footage includes time- elapsed recordings of foliage growing from seedling to maturation, as well as a series of poems by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in which people are posed and positioned to create letters that form the words in the poems- Raul Zamudio Link to Katja Loher video of exhibition and other works: www.katjaloher.com/news.htm

El principio del placer [The Pleasure Principle]

El Principio del placer [The Pleasure Principle] [info. below]

El Principio del placer [The Pleasure Principle]
Curated by Raul Zamudio MACO/Mexico Arte Contemporaneo Mexico City, Mexico, April 26-30, 2006
Didier López Carpio
Francisco Toledo
Guillermo Olguin
Heriberto Quesnel
Irene Dubrovsky
Jesús Lugo
Laura Rossette
Ricardo PintoSergio Garval