Saturday, September 02, 2017

Julia San Martin: Dialogos

Julia San Martin: Diálogos 
Curated by Raul Zamudio
July 18-August 1, 2017
Y Gallery, New York, NY

Julia San Martin: Diálogos, is a solo exhibition by the internationally exhibited Chilean artist consisting of painting, photography, video, installation and a combination of these. The dialogical in the exhibition’s title is manifold and one aspect entails artworks presented within the gallery as well as inserted in various sites around the city: a park, a restaurant, a subway station and so forth. As such, the artworks can be construed as a type of street art on the one hand, but they are also what one would find in a gallery or a museum. The inverse is equally as idiosyncratic: as artworks in a gallery do they elide their previous contexts originating in public spaces, or have they now become deified objects made so through the machinations of the art world’s infrastructure of critics, curators, museums, art fairs, the market, and most imperatively the gallery? Furthermore, the artworks’ individual subject matter evokes a dialogism in being topical and rife with commentary about the social and political conditions of the world we live in.    

Many of the artworks ostensibly incorporate recurring figures as both a unifying formal device and conceptual trope. Often the images seem to converse with each other or with the viewer through the use of pronouns in textual elements found in the artworks. Lastly, as an artist who holds dual Chilean and U.S. citizenship and who was affected by September 11, which is to say, both the World Trade Center Attacks and the day of the U.S. backed overthrow of the Allende government by a military junta, diálogos also consists of a conversation of the past with the present and vice versa.  

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