Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Enemy Within

(partial installation view)

The Enemy Within
Curated by Raul Zamudio
February 6-April 6, 2016
Opening February 6, 5pm
Caguas, Puerto Rico

Artists: Jaishri Abichandani (USA/India), Luis Alonzo-Barkigia (USA/Mexico), Oreet Ashery (UK), Claire Fontaine (France), Martin Durazo (USA), Andrea Frank (USA/Germany), Kendell Geers (South Africa), Lazaro Juan (USA/Philippines), Despo Magoni (USA/Greece), Ferran Martin (USA/Spain), Emma McCagg (USA), Riiko Sakkinen (Spain/Finland), Romulo Sans (USA/Spain), Joaquin Segura (Mexico), Edgar Serrano (USA), 
S & P Stanikas (France/Lithunia), Sari Tervaniemi (Finland), Mehran Tizkar (Germany/Iran), Wojtek Ulrich (USA/Poland),Ruben Verdu (Spain/Venezuela), Adolfo Doring (USA/Mexico).

The Enemy Within is a metaphor that has been used in various contexts. A quick Google search will reveal a broad array of its application including a Star Trek segment in which Capt. Kirk is teleported through a transporter. Upon materialization he is split into two persons: one good and one evil.  The exhibition’s title also encompasses a book by a political conservative, a fictional film about treason and murder in the American government, and a documentary about “homegrown” terrorism in the U.S. What all of these adaptations of The Enemy Within share is a narrative of internal crisis of moral proportions.

The Enemy Within is a group exhibition of international artists who work in diverse media including painting, work-on-paper, sculpture, photography, video, and installation. The artworks presented dovetail, akin to Kirk’s crisis of conscience, on internal and external contradictions in both subject matter and form. Some artists, like Kendell Geers for example, uses footage from the World Trade Center attacks and juxtaposes it with Rene Magritte’s famous Treason of Images (1928-29) painting consisting of a tobacco pipe with text underneath it that states, Ceci n’est pas une pipe [This is not a pipe]. The Enemy Within explores the paradoxical and contradictory nature of events, history, politics and the social world-at-large to reveal how they are internally and externally conflicted.

The Enemy Within" curada por Raul Zamudio es una exposición colectiva de artistas internacionales que trabajan en diversos medios, incluyendo la pintura, obra sobre papel, escultura, fotografía, vídeo e instalación. Las obras seleccionadas son una representacion interna y externa de contradicciones tanto en la materia y la forma. Algunos artistas, como Kendell Geers por ejemplo, utiliza imágenes de los ataques al World Trade Center y yuxtapone sobre la imagen la famosa traición de Rene Magritte, pintura que consiste en una pipa de tabaco con el texto debajo de ella que dice: Ceci n'est pas une pipe [Esto no es una pipa]. 

Partial Installation Views

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