Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Under the Volcano, Andromeda Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica, opens 11/23/12

Under the Volcano
curated by Raul Zamudio
opens 23/11/12, 7pm
Andromeda Contemporaneo
San Jose, Costa Rica

(part of Art City Tour, Noches Blancas)

Under the Volcano is an exhibition of international artists who work in painting, sculpture, work-on-paper, photography, video, and sound art. The exhibition’s title comes from the similarly named novel by Malcolm Lowry. As a semi-biographical tale that uses the trope of the temporal akin to Joyce's Ulysses and DeLillo's Cosmopolis, the novel is set within a twenty-four hour span experienced by the protagonist during the Mexican Day of the Dead on November 2, 1938. As the story concerns a foreigner in another country, the exhibition dovetails on this by presenting works that explore the theme of death in myriad trans-cultural manifestations during the Noches Blancas in San Jose, Costa Rica, which is a city-wide celebration of the arts. The paradox, of course, is that in the midst of official festivities will be another celebration of sorts alluded to in the following paraphrase by Octavio Paz; "[be] familiar with death...joke about it, caress it, sleep with it, celebrate [should be] one of [your] favorite toys and...most steadfast love.”

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