Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BODY SNATCHERS, White Box, NY, NY, June 1-15, 2012

Curated by Raul Zamudio

Identity today is anything but monolithic. Post-Black and Post-Latin
American, for example, were concepts intrinsic to exhibitions at the start of the millennium. Titled Freestyle (2000) and Ultra-Baroque (2000), respectively, these exhibitions proposed that any demographic or constituency is much too heterogeneous and nuanced to be adequately represented by the singularity of a totalizing narrative with its subtext of universality. For there are many factors that come into play that resist essentialist categorization making the notion of a Latin American aesthetic as nothing more than generalization. The variegated geo-cultural differences between Bolivians and Argentinians, for instance, necessitate a framing of subjectivity as being shaped as much by class, gender, and sexual orientation as by nationality.

But there is also less affirmative notion of identity in which it is unconsciously constructed and manipulated from without. The Marxian commodity fetish, by which a product is de-sublimated from want to a need, creates the ideal consumer perpetually seeking that external material object to fulfill the human existential void. Other philosophers have even described addictions, religion or the desire for membership to a particular class or political party, as false needs created in individuals subsequently appearing as if they were ghosts in a machine or in regards to the current exhibition, as having their “bodies snatched.” 

Consisting of painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and
works-on-paper, BODY SNATCHERS is an exhibition that focuses on the
mutability of identity as well as the constructs by which agency is
given form including the material and immaterial factors listed above. Although the works in BODY SNATHCERS are highly individuated in form and concept, they coalesce around the instability of a contemporary self that is protean and configured through myriad contexts from both within and without, both consciously and unconsciously.   

Artists include:
Isaac Aden
Oreet Ashery
Shelly Bahl
Domingo Sanchez Blanco
Martin Durazo
Shahram Entekhabi
Joaquin Segura
Juan Carlos Granados
Sangwoo Koh
Jessica “La Negra” Lopez
Damian Ontiveros
Kiki Seror
Kasper Sonne
Mookie Tenembaum
Michael Tong
Wojtek Ulrich
Rubern Verdu
Abdul Vas
Eric Yahnker

More installation shots:

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