Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lu Lei: Floating Ice Biography, Other Gallery, Beijing,China,October 27- November 29, 2011

Lu Lei: Floating Ice Biography
Curated by Raúl Zamudio

Other Gallery
3th Street North 706 West
798 Chaoyang District,

October 27- November  29
Opening: October 27 5:00-8:00pm

Floating Ice Biography is a solo multimedia exhibition by Huangzhou-based artist Lu Lei.  It takes its title from a poetic, self-reflexive description of the myriad materials the artist employs culled from visual and aural electronics, heating, refrigeration, petroleum, and many other industries that are staples of the global trading commodities market.  Ice, which by nature is water in a different form, is a metaphor for not only the transformative nature of art, but many of Lu’s works have a kind of ontological elasticity such as Cloud, for example. This work includes a compressor that freezes, condenses and dissipates water in front of the viewer. As per flotation, this word that also constitutes part of exhibition’s title allude to a hybrid condition between the terrestrial and celestial, earth and heaven, inside and outside, and the local and the global that offers the artist a unique vantage point from which to purview the world and its machinations.

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