Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wojtek Ulrich, Other Gallery, Beijing, China, May 21- June 19, 2011


Curated  by Raul Zamudio

What does it mean for an artist to work today in the midst of the myriad forces he or she engages and is engaged by? The topical artist, however, needs to be forewarned of the rhetorical dictates of so-called politically engaged art that jettisons aesthetics and often succumbs to didacticism. It is at this point where the ethical imperative can become dogmatic directive. Can the artist engage the aesthetic dimension all the while addressing the world with an artistic practice of resistance and affirmation? However one may find a dearth of this geist in a contemporary art world consumed by market forces, it is the sine qua non of the artist Wojtek Ulrich.

Wojtek Ulrich plays many roles demanded of his protean art including that of architect, philosopher, anthropologist, sociologist, oceanographer, and zoologist, to name just a few of the disciplinary activities outside the boundaries of conventional artistic practice. This is adamantly underscored in his recent body of work in the exhibition simply titled Wojtek Ulrich. As with his other exhibitions, upon entering this particular show one is first struck by the diversity of media and the myriad themes that the artist engages.



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