Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shahram Entekhabi: A Taste of Gold, March 27- May 27, Prisitne Galerie, Monterrey, Mexico

Shahram Entekhabi: A Taste of Gold
Curated by Raúl Zamudio
March 27-May 27, 2011
Pristine Galerie
Monterrey, Mexico

A Taste of Gold is a solo exhibition by Berlin-based, Iranian
artist Shahram Entekhabi. The exhibition takes its title from a
work in the exhibition titled Golden Edition (2011). The
work is a large photograph of a Muslim woman elegantly dressed
head-to-toe in Burqa and wearing boxing gloves. The traditional
Islamic orthodox covering is, however, adorned with actual gold
glitter on top of the picture’s surface.

Continuing with the artist’s exploration of Islamic culture in the
world-at-large, Entekhabi’s works in the exhibition mix humor
with a critical eye in addressing exile and xenophobia. The exhibition
brings together works-on-paper, photography, and video.

A Taste of Gold is the first solo exhibition of this Iranian artist
presented in Mexico.

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