Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is to Be Done?: Preview '09

What is to Be Done?: Preview '09/5 Curators & 5 Gallerists
Co-curated: Raul Zamudio
White Box, NY, NY
December 13, 2008 -January 11, 2009
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Gabriel De La Mora, Self-portrait as Dog, artist own hair on paper, 2008

What is on the horizon for art in 2009, a potentially portentous year that will be coda to a decade of art market frenzy which screeched to a halt by the sub-prime mektdown and subsequent global repercussions? Trends and hype have given way to discourse, and as was cogently phrased in the Art Newspaper: "What is the silver lining in all this cloudiness? Perhaps a return to the importance of museums, critics and alternative spaces for validation and the introduction of new art." 1

The introduction of new art is intrinsic to WHITE BOX’S mission statement and visionary program which did not need kick-starting by economic crisis, and most recently embodied in its closing year exhibition titled TALENT PReVIEW '09. The exhibition is oriented around the discerning eye of the curator and the acumen of the young dealer, which will purview what lies ahead in the year to come. 5 curators and 5 galleries will each select 5 artists constituting an exhibition of 50 artists that work in myriad media including painting, photography, works-on-paper, video, sculpture, and installation.

The curators and the galleries are as diverse in their approach as the artists selected, and TALENT PReVIEW '09 will prove to be full of surprises in an altogether different art world in which ideas and integrity trump market-driven machinations despoiling artwork as commodity object.

1 Josh Baer, The Art Newspaper, 2008

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