Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Garden of Delights

Dan Perrone, The Jungle, c-print, 2006

Garden of Delights & Yeosu International Art Festival August 30- September 20 various venues, Yeosu, South Korea Artistic Director & Curator: Raúl Zamudio

Co-Curator: Sook-Jeen Oh

Co-Curator of Film and Video: Wilfried Agrecola de Cologne

Co-Curator of Sound Art: M.A.D./Murderous Audio Dynamite   

Garden of Delights is an international exhibition that will take place in the city of Yeosu, South Korea and is part of the 2008 Yeosu International Art Festival. The festival will consist of the international exhibition, a program of video and film, a one day event of public audio works played from a car equipped with bullhorn speaker system that will make its was around the city, an outdoor sculpture park, performances, and an exhibition by local Yeosu artists. Garden of Delights will present over 50 artists from around the world including artists from greater South Korea as well as from the festival’s host city. The title of the exhibition is a reference to the famous Hieronymous Bosch tryptich and a film by the avant-garde filmaker Stan Brakhage. The title and scope of the exhibition, however, will align itself with the theme of the upcoming 2012 Yeosu International Exposition. But whereas the International Exposition articulates Yeosu as a paradigmatic urban locus symbiotic with surrounding geography and the sea, Garden of Delights equally takes a similar view, albeit existentially, of the necessary recropicity between nature and contemporary society and the ultimate dystopia resulting from the negation of this relationship. The artists will approach the exhibition’s curatorial framework in a diversity of media including painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation, sound works, and works-on-paper.

Link: http://www.yeosuartfestival.blogspot.com/

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