Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Curador invitado: Raul Zamudio Taylor, NY, USA
23-27 Abril 23-27 April, 2008
Centro Banamex, Av. Conscripto 311,
Lomas de Sotelo, Mexico, D.F.


Curador Curator : Raul Zamudio-Taylor (New York, NY, USA) EDS GALERIA is pleased to exhibit its artists as a group show titled Spectacular for the FEMACO international art fair. The presentation is co-organized by the New York-based curator and art critic Raúl Zamudio-Taylor, and he has curated the EDS GALERIA booth as a museum or gallery exhibition than the typical art fair stand. The presentation’s title comes from a work by the same name by Emilio Chapela Perez, and Zamudio-Taylor has opted to use it as curatorial foil from which to weave the other works by the gallery’s other artists. Chapela’s work’s full title is Spectacular (but empty) (2008), and for Zamudio-Taylor, it is an ironic allusion to Guy Debord’s important situationist book titled the Society of the Spectacle published in 1967. Artists exhibited: Plinio Avila, Andres Carretero, Emilio Chapela Perez, Jose Alfredo Elias Dabdoub, Ramses Olaya, Marcos Ramirez Erre

Spectacular Redux, consist of an off-site show at the EDS GALERIA that will include international artists. List TBA.

Emilio Chapela Perez, Spectacular.... But Empty. 2008, paint on wall

Jose Antonio Elias Dabdoub, The True Artist, 2004, ink on paper

Link to Jose Antonio Elias Dabdoub video, 400 Frames, 2002, animation


Rikko Sakkinen, Anti-Police Rocket Launcher, 2007, enamel color on plastic tube and skyrockets
Home-made rocket launchers and low explosive pyrotechnic devices are used by rioters against the riot control police. Similar model to this was used in Barcelona in 2006.

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