Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ferran Martin, Untitled, performance documentaion, 2004

Alejandro Diaz, El Mariachi does New York City, performance, 2005
Riiko Sakkinen, China Handgrenade, watercolor, ink on paper, 2007

Li Wei, Li Wei Falls into the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, c-print 2004
April 28 – May 20, 2007
Beijing Studio 1 (BS1), CIMG
Interactive Media Group, 798 Art District
Beijing, China

Surge is an exhibition that brings together some of the most interesting artists from diverse areas of the world. One of the many allusions in the exhibition’s title is movement, as in the “sea surged to shore.” But the inadvertent implication of this definition is unilateral flow. Surge’s movement, however, is multidirectional for it is rhizomatic and this malleable, amorphous quality makes it difficult to pinpoint its center from its periphery, its inside from its outside. While the subversion of hierarchies such as center/periphery and inside/outside is intrinsic to Surge, the paper tiger that the exhibition also reckons with is the ubiquitous twentieth-first century global/local equation. Surge approaches this framework by presenting an exhibition in China consisting of international participants including artists from the host country. Here, one can detect the global component of the exhibition, although it seems that the global enters from the outside to the inside to dialogue with local Chinese artists and contexts. In order to undermine this asymmetrical construct where the global appears from without and the local from within, foreign artists will not only make site-specific works in China but their subject matter is not limited to their places of origin nor is it representative of specific geo-cultural regions, nations, or countries. Artists include Jeanette Doyle, Alejandro Diaz, Katja Loher, Przemo Wojciechowski, Ferran Martin, Li Wei, Huang Yan, Riiko Sakkinen, Fexue Lee, Zhang Tiemei, Henry Seng, Karin Suter, Natalie Bewernitz and Marek Goldowski, Jeff Gompertz, Wolfgang Stiller.

Curated and organized by Marc Hungerbuhler,director and founder of the:artist:network, new york, and Raul Zamudio, curator-at-large, the:artist:network, new york
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