Monday, November 27, 2006


Stuart Croft: film still from 'Newman', Super 16mm color film transferred to DVD, 45 second loop, 2005 © Stuart Croft, 2005. Courtesy Fred [London] Ltd.
DUSK curated/organized by Raul Zamudio,The Village, Ocean drive(Diva Fair)12/07-10/2006 7 00 pm - 10 00 pm Price: Open to the public Every day at dusk, Raul Zamudio invites a curator to present the work of selected video artists. - - -DIVA Miami and Raul Zamudio Presents: DUSK /dʌsk/–noun 1. The state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight. 2. Partial darkness; shade; gloom: “She was barely visible in the dusk of the room.” Dusk, as it definition implies, is an in-between state; and this designation is used as curatorial framework for a series of video exhibitions that will be part of DIVA Miami Beach. DUSK consists of programs of video art selected by local, national and international curators under the directorship of Raul Zamudio. Each curator will be given a slot in the program to interpret dusk either in its literal guise as a register between lightness and darkness, in its implication as “partial darkness, shade, gloom”, or will use the term as metaphorical foil. Invited curators: Frederick Janka/Curator/Mexico City; Jennifer Teets/Curator of Contemporary Art/Sala Arte Publico Siquieros/Mexico City; Camilla Sing/Assistant Director/Curator/Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art/Toronto; Mariko Tanaka/Director of Exhibtions/The Artist Network/New York City; Roland Stone/Curator/Critic/London; Victor Zamudio Taylor/Curator/Critic/Researcher/Mexico City/Paris; Elzbieta Koscielak/Curator/Critic and Gosia Koscielak/Curator/FORUM/Wroclaw; Zhahoui Zhang/Director/Curator/Museum of Contemproary Art, Beijing; Thalia Vrachopoulos/Curator/Critic/New York City; Suzanne Treister/Artist/Curator/London

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