Sunday, November 12, 2006

Body Double
Curated by Raúl Zamudio
November 24- December 31, 2006
FORUM + Elzbieta Koscielak Gallery Cultural Center Zamek
Lesnica Castle Wrocław – Leśnica, Poland.
Exhibtion will aslo tour the following cities: Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan. Body Double is a part of the Elzbieta Koscielak project Art Identities, and is sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Culture. Artists: Oreet Ashery/London, Karlos Carcamo/New York City, Cleverson/New York City/Brazil, Alejandro Diaz/New York City, Andrea Frank/New York City, Erika Harrsch/New York City, Scott Lifshutz/New York City, Katja Loher/Switzerland, Emma McCagg/New York City, Yasira Nun/New York City, Edgar Orlanieta/Mexico City, Dan Perrone/New York City, Riiko Sakkinen/Toledo/Finland, Svai & Paul Stanikas/Paris/Lithuania, Sari Tervaniemi/ Helsinki. Video works: Robert Boyd/New York City, Teresa Serrano/Mexico City, Stuart Croft/ London, Ferran Martin/New York City/Madrid

The exhibition Body Double takes its name from the 1984 film by Brian De Palma, but it is also a film production term. A ‘body double’ is a person who stands in for a performer to enact certain types of scenes or to facilitate special effects: it is an individual who takes the place of a well-known actor. Taking that into consideration, then, Body Double is an exhibition of international artists who approach figuration conceptually where the body becomes surrogate for the social body and the body politic, for example. This endeavor is ample in scope and manifests not only in mimetic representation or even in the purely abstract, but also included in the exhibition are works that refer to the body through its absence as well as its presence. The viability of this curatorial proposal partially rests on new models of the somatic explored and proposed in other disciplines including science and the medical field.-Raul Zamudio

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