Tuesday, November 28, 2006


"America is a broken toy" - Johnny Depp

Riiko Sakkinen, Taco Shit, watercolor, ball point pen and stickers on hotel stationary, 2006 Field Marshall Cinque (Donald DeFreeze) and Comrade Tania (Patty Hearst) of the Symbionese Liberation Army robbing Hibernia Bank, San Francisco, April 1974

left to right: Riiko Sakkinen, Gosia Koscielak, Roberto Visani, Michael Tong

Left to right: Angel Nevarez, Robert Boyd, Emma McCagg

Left to right: Rainer Gross, Atelier Morales, Fiona Smyth, Silange Fabiao, Yasira Nun

Left to right: Alejandro Diaz, Cleverson, Dan Perrone, Anthony Goicolea, Roberto Visani (from ceiling)
Scott Lifshutz
Left to right: Roberto Visani, Sanchez Brothers

curated by Raul Zamudio

The idiosyncratic spelling that constitutes the word AMERIKKA may remind some of a socially particular, militant past: for it directly appropriates the acclaimed CD recorded by Ice Cube after he left the highly influential gangster rap group N. W. A. But the show is more than homage to one of the most compelling rap recordings of all time; for the title is used as foil to explore the notion of America by artists who work within the U.S. and abroad regardless of nationality. The transnational dimension of the exhibition is partially inspired by some of the most poignant observations of America that have come, for instance, from foreigners such as the nineteenth-century historian Alexis De Tocqueville, the twentieth-century poststructuralist philosopher Jean Baudrillard, and the contemporary filmmaker Lars Von Trier.

Like the previous mentioned examples, the ways the artists individually approach the exhibition’s theme is highly diverse, eclectic and personal. Some mine the myth and reality of America by focusing on recent issues of a political and social nature. Other artist address historical topics, while others still create work that is purely based on fiction and the imaginary. The exhibition distinguishes itself from recent shows such as the Uncertain States of America, for example, by including artists from beyond the U.S. in order to offer a rich perspective on America and the myriad emotions that it engenders from within and without including fear, despair, hope, admiration, hatred, and love.

Artists: Domingo Sanchez Blanco, Robert Boyd, Cleverson, Alejandro Diaz, Solange Fabio,Anthony Goicolea, Gosia Koscielak, Ghariokwu Lemi, Scott Lifshutz, Ferran Martin
Emma McCagg, Angel Nevarez, Yasira Nun, Dan Perrone, Riiko Sakkinen,
Sanchez Brothers, Fiona Smyth, Richard Stipl, Roi Vaara, Roberto Visani
The Artist Network, NY, NY January 19- February 16, 2007
Opening January 19 6:00-8:00pm

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