Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rayuela [Hopscotch] curated by Raul Zamudio Kean University Elizabeth, NJ October 9- November 10, 2001. Artists: Alejandro Balteo,
Cleverson Diego, Fernandez, Pablo Helguera, Cristobal Lehyt, Adriana Miranda, Angel Nevarez, Miguel Angel Rios, Franco Mondini Ruiz, Teresa Serrano, Javier Téllez, Johana Unzueta This exhibition takes as its theme the novel Hopscotch by Argentine writer Julio Cortazar. The novel is structured in the conventional sense in that it can be read from beginning to end; yet at the end of each chapter a number corresponds to another chapter not in chronological order. It can thus be read sequentially in disregarding the author’s non-linear schema, or by following the numbers at the end of the chapter, or by starting any chapter and proceeding until one finishes the chosen sequence. Hopscotch allows the reader the liberty to peruse the book in whichever way he or she chooses, and in doing so, is crucial for the work’s artistic closure. Cortazar’s structuralist strategy is what also underscores Hopscotch the exhibition- Raul Zamudio

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