Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Phantom Limb Curated by Raul Zamudio September 10-October 3,2004. Unit B Gallery, Chicago Artists: Thierry Alet-Cleverson-Stuart Croft-Andrew Dermijian-Dahlia Elsayed-Solange Fabiao-Rainer Ganahl- Erika Haarsch-Pelagia Kyriazi-Scott Lifschutz-Despo Magoni-Emma McCagg-Dominic McGill- Yasira Nun-Rikko Sannen-Torild Stray-Sari Tervaniemi.
Phantom Limb: The first known description of phantom limb was given by Ambroise Paré, a 16th-century surgeon: "For the patients, long after the amputation is made, say they still feel pain in the amputated part. Of this they complain strongly, a thing worthy of wonder and almost incredible to people who have not experienced this."

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