Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lost in Space Curated by Raul Zamudio Gary Tatintsian Gallery, NY, NY November 12-December 20, 2001. Artists: Bik Van der Pol-Cleverson-Nicola Costantino-Stuart Croft-Scott Lifshutz-Emma McCagg-Luis Felipe Ortega-Franco Mondini Ruiz-Javier Tellez-Sari Tervaniemi- DanielZeller/NewYork A broad spectrum of international artists who work in a variety of media, converge in this exhibition, on the concept of space and its perception as neutral or value free. This notion, however part of a general consensus, has nonetheless been perceived along particular ways that evinces specific biases. The Renaissance theorist Leon Battista Alberti, for example, conceived perspective in painting as a window into pictorial space. Since seeing out a window into the world was thought to be natural, then basing a theory of painting on a perspective model would prove its universality. Other viewpoints dismantle this window by conceiving space in different terms. The artists in the exhibition use space idiosyncratically as their narrative point of departure in addressing space in myriad ways- Raul Zamudio

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